"From Dad to Doula" 3 classes @1.5 hr each

The Yoga Doula

Are you facing having to labor and give birth without the support of a physical doula by your side? Unfortunately, many women are right now due to Covid 19. So, I have designed this online class specifically to help you out! 
This one-on-one class is designed to take the dad-to-be and equip him with the knowledge and tools necessary to be your doula! 

This private class can be done via Zoom or Facetime and  will cover these topics:

  •  Understanding the role of hormones during childbirth
  • How to facilitate the good hormones that help labor progress
  • How to discourage the antagonistic hormones that stall labor
  • Various Comfort Measures 
  • Positions for labor and pushing
  • Essential Oils & when to use them
  • Understanding hospital procedures/ what to expect
  • Rebozo techniques that can be done with a bed sheet
  • Breastfeeding basics
  • And anything else you want to go over!

This class consists of three sessions, 1-1.5 hours each.

I will also provide handouts via email, and be available via phone to answer any questions you may have before, during, or after your class.

Contact me (yogadoula.meredith@gmail.com) either before or after purchasing the class, so we can schedule a date/time that works for you.

It is an honor to do this work and help guide you along your way through childbirth to parenthood. 

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