My Bio

Meredith Carpenter BS, CD, RYT

I have a deep passion for helping women tap into their own power source through the mindful movements and breath-work of yoga and through childbirth education and preparation. In 2013, I became a certified birth doula with the toLabor organization and began attending births. I’m also a certified yoga teacher, specializing in prenatal yoga. I’ve attended a week long childbirth workshop at The Farm Midwifery in Summertown, TN, and have a Bachelor of Science in Biology. I am always seeking ways to further my education and better serve expecting mothers. My goal is to support mothers physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually; As well as to empower them through education about how their bodies work so that they feel confident starting a family, giving birth, and mothering their little ones. 

I believe that pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood are sacred and should be surrounded by positive energy and loving support.