Mama Meditations


Meditations (guided relaxations) for pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and breastfeeding!

The pregnancy meditations will be specifically to help mamas tune in to their body and baby, release stress, and prepare mentally for birth. 

There will be five - six different meditations for different stages of childbirth. Mamas are encouraged to listen to these along with the pregnancy meditations to prepare for birth so that they can simply turn them on, pop in their ear buds, and go into mediation during any and all stages of birth. 

The postpartum meditations will focus on strength, gratitude, and acceptance. So that mamas can tune in and feel more relaxed and confident. 

There will even be a "Lactation Meditation" for mamas to listen when breastfeeding that will encourage let downs and put mamas mind at ease. 

I am incredibly excited to get these recorded and available because it has been something I've been encouraged to do for years. Follow me on Instagram @theyogadoula for updates on when these will be available! It's going to be good stuff!!!